What brings you joy?

We can get so caught up in our busy lives, that stopping to consider what brings us joy can be a stumper. When’s the last time we even considered this idea? Joy? Huh? Beyond the idea that joy is getting enough sleep and checking chores off a list, What brings us joy – personally? What is that activity that you lose track of time when you are engaged in it? You focus completely and happily? You feel refreshed after doing it – not depleted? That’s joy. Spend some time deciding what brings you joy. Wake up. Include that in your life regularly. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.

The BFF of joy is service. They go hand in hand. Yes, solitude is vital for some part of our day. But helping others is what we are here for – and as a collateral effect, it adds to our joy. I once read “Finding our joy is the purpose of life. Sharing it is our reason for life.” Once you find those things that bring you joy, revel in them, make time for them. And share them with others to add to their joy. Hiking, reading, quiltmaking, basketball…help others find their joy, too. You have the ability to illuminate your life  – be that light for others.


About ellengrif

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Certified Meditation Instructor for the Chopra Center
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